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Our Company was founded by a group of specialists with over 22 years of experience in the field of international activities in the supply of various types of industrial equipment, technologies and software.

The main goal of the company’s creation is to ensure that the expectations of customers fully meet the capabilities of manufacturers, as well as to achieve the optimal balance between price, the best quality and the actual need of the customer.

The motivation was many years of experience that due to different traditions, lifestyles, local standards, differences in character and worldview, misunderstandings often arise, leading to undesirable results.

That is why we named our company “EAST GATE PROJECT” and are determined to help our partners provide a friendly environment of mutual understanding between countries and peoples, smoothly integrating different cultures in business interaction.

Our capabilities extend to almost all countries of the World globally Type of activity import and export between countries.

Some of our main activities are:

To this end, we are very attentive to the most important stage already: a clear formulation of the buyer’s tasks and a clear understanding of these tasks by the manufacturer.

All the activities described above, we will accompany with a full set of all commercial, technical and legal documentation required for the implementation of customs formalities both in the country of the sender and in the country of the recipient. We will also ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations by all parties involved in the contractual relationship.



Our quality policy


We strive to be the best company in the world, sensitive to the environment, respectful to people, offering the best products at the most economical prices.

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