TecnoPunch Alpha Matic 15


It is suitable for own productions and for third party, with an excellent performance/investment ratio. The revolutionary vertical turret, exclusive of TecnoPunch technology, is equipped with 15 rotating stations that allow a considerable saving on tooling time and tool purchase costs.
The punching machine representing the meeting point between the single-punch and the automatic machines suitable for large productions.


CNC functions are included in the standard equipment

All TECHNOLOGY punching machines are manufactured to offer the highest level of performance. For this reason all advanced CNC functions are included and no later activation is required


The ultimate expression of punching

The time has come for a change and go beyond the limits of the old turret punch press concept. TECNOPUNCH technology is the most innovative in the world of punching machines.

Combining simplicity, innovation, performance and productivity at best.


The possibility of rotating any tool from 0° to 360° reduces the number of tools to be purchased and shortens processing times. Sheet metal waste is reduced to a minimum thanks to complex nesting operations.
The punch press configuration can be customized by inserting any type of tool in each station. The innovative Speedy Setup system enables to equip every single station in just 12 seconds.
It allows you to process sheets that are larger than the punching machine’s working area, and to load them both frontally and sideways.
The strategic position of the Vertical Turret allows for more complex deformation operations. In addition, the operator has better visibility of the sheet metal being worked thanks to a much clearer working area.


This implies buying several tools already oriented, complicating machine programming, slowing down production times and increasing the amount of material waste.
The turret configuration is fixed and cannot be customized. It takes more than 1 minute to equip every single station.
It does not allow the processing of sheets larger than the working area of the punching machine and the sheets can only be loaded sideways.
The excessive size of the traditional turret and its non-functional position restrict the range of operations that can be carried out and affect the visibility of the working area.

Highest connectivity and integration


With a simple Internet connection we can safely carry out a comprehensive error diagnosis, drastically reducing machine downtime.

Industry 4.0 Ready

Thanks to its innovative technologies, the new servo drive TP Alpha Matic 5 can be integrated into Industry 4.0 systems.

  • Automatic sheet metal repositioning

    This system allows you to work metal sheets which are larger than the X-axis stroke and enables you to perform more than one repositioning during production.
  • 18,5″ touch-screen monitor

    The touch-screen monitor together with customized HMI (Human Machine Interface) simplify input operations.
  • Sheet metal load on three sides.

    Lateral and frontal metal sheet loading, with the opportunity to process non-standard metal sheets also on the Y-axis.


Small. Handy. Less Expensive.

TECHNOPUNCH punching machines have always been equipped with the best punching tools. TP Gamma can be equipped with TRUMPF style tools but is totally compatible with TECHNOLOGY style tools.
TRUMPF-style tools have many advantages over turret tools like AMADA. They are significantly smaller, lighter and easier to handle, but above all, they allow you to save money. Save in:
Length 63%
Weight 73%
Price 69%

High power and low energy consumption


Alpha Matic 15

Unique in the market and revolutionary

The Vertical Turret differs from any other automatic tool change technology. Worldwide patented, it has auto-index technology for all tools, allows a customized configuration and is equipped with the Speedy Setup system to set up each station in just 12 seconds.

Other major technologies

CNC Fanuc
TP Alpha Matic 15 is equipped with components provided by the world leader FANUC (CNC, motors, drives and PC). FANUC guarantees the availability of spare parts for 25 years and offers assistance in 108 countries thanks to its extensive network of subsidiaries.
Servo drive is better
The TP Alpha Matic 15 is equipped with an advanced servo drive punching unit without any hydraulic oil, ensuring low energy consumption.

A more efficient way of working

The advanced integrated auto-index system allows any tool to be oriented from 0° to 360°, with an accuracy of 0.01°. Thus the number of tools to be purchased is drastically reduced. Programming the punch press has never been easier, as well as performing complex nesting to optimize sheet metal waste.

Customize the configuration of the turret tool change system

The TP Alpha Matic 15 turret punching machine features TRUMPF or TECHNOLOGY style tools. You can choose one of the available configurations or customize each single station with standard, special and/or multi-tool tools.