Designed to be the small punching machine that is indispensable in every carpenter’s workshop. Ideal for making prototypes, small and simple productions and modifications of workpieces already manufactured with an automatic or laser machine.

More than 500 customers have chosen it as a starting point or as a complement to their production.



The versatility of


You can carry out simple operations such as perforated sheet metal (grids), fine nibbling, manufacturing of copper bars or components with already bent edges (electric panel doors), without having to interrupt the work of larger systems (such as laser cutting and automatic punching machines).

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Improve the sheet metal cutting process

By combining TECNUMERIK with laser cutting systems or automatic punching machines, you will be able to carry out deformation processes on metal sheet components, produce low cost perforated sheets, avoid material waste and produce small batches without interrupting larger plants.

Highest connectivity and integration


With a simple Internet connection we can safely carry out a comprehensive error diagnosis, drastically reducing machine downtime.

Industry 4.0 Ready

Thanks to its innovative technologies, the new servo drive TECNUMERIK can be integrated into Industry 4.0 systems.

  • You will be able to carry out deformation operations on sheet metal components

    With TECNUMERIK you go beyond the simple sheet metal cutting and you can easily add deformation working such as slots, countersinks, logos, embossing.
  • Step 1 (Laser Cutting) Cutting and shaping of components
  • Step 2 (Punching machine) Component deformation and/or modification
  • Low cost perforated metal sheets

    With TECNUMERIK you can produce perforated sheets (grids) quickly and cost-effectively. With punching technology you can also realize more sophisticated shapes, but the speed will always be the same.
  • Zero waste

    With TECNUMERIK you can correct wrong parts or add modifications as requested by the customer, thus avoiding wasting material and time to repeat the entire process.
  • Step 1 Laser cut sheet metal
  • Step 2 (Punching machine) Component deformation and/or modification
  • In conjunction with automatic punching machine

    TECNUMERIK combined with an automatic punching machine allows you to produce parts in small batches, plates, brackets and prototypes without having to interrupt larger plants (such as automatic punching machines).


The world’s fastest tool change system

For a single-punch the tool change speed is essential, that is why TECNUMERIK is equipped with the SPEEDY Setup system, which is the fastest and simplest system on the market. It takes only 12 seconds to set up the tool on the machine.


The most user-friendly

TECNUMERIK is the easiest to use punching machine thanks to its three different modes of operation: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. You can program it directly from the machine board using the graphic software TECNOCAM. The 18,5-inch FANUC touch-screen display and the customized HMI (Human Machine Interface) make the use of the machine even more immediate.

The punching and the movement of the axis are performed manually, using the pedal and the joystick installed on the control panel.


Automatic axis movement (as programmed) and manual punching, using the pedal.


Once the program has been realized with the graphic software TECNOCAM, punching operations and axis movement are automatic.

Servo drive

It is equipped with an advanced servo drive punching unit without any hydraulic oil, thus ensuring low energy consumption.

CNC Fanuc

TECNUMERIK is equipped with components provided by the world leader FANUC (CNC, motors, drives and PCs). FANUC guarantees the availability of spare parts for 25 years and offers assistance in 108 countries thanks to its extensive network of subsidiaries. 

Punching Tools

TECHNOLOGY punching machines have always been equipped with the best punching tools. TECNUMERIK can be equipped with TRUMPF style tools but is totally compatible with TECHNOLOGY style tools.

Create programs in few minutes

Thanks to the TECNOCAM software installed on the punching machine, programs can be created quickly and intuitively via the 18,5-inch display.

High power and extended warranty


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What our customers say

Why did you choose EGP? “We were looking for a user-friendly punching machine to implement our production, and we ended up on the TECHNOLOGY Italiana website. We were immediately impressed by their punching machines and we established a friendly and pleasant interchange of information that made us realize that we were on the right track. A useful and profitable investment. We are delighted and the satisfaction of our customers speaks for itself”.